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MGE Meter Replacement Project

May 11, 2016 9:11 AM


MG& E has contacted the Madison Police Department to assist in spreading the word on upcoming work on MG&E home meter replacement. With the reoccurring fraud cases involving scam artists claiming to be with MG&E, the real staff team thought it prudent to share this information to assist the community during this project.

Capt Carl Gloede


This is to inform your police department that Madison Gas and Electric Company (MGE) or TruCheck, a contractor working on our behalf, will be replacing about 7,000 electric meters. We are alerting you of this work because of scammers who pose as MGE employees and try to collect money from utility customers.

For MGE's meter replacement project:

MGE employees will do some of the work. They will drive an MGE truck and carry MGE ID badges.
TruCheck contract workers also will do some of the work. They will drive blue vans and carry ID badges.
All workers will carry a handout from MGE that instructs our customers to call MGE at 252-7333 if they have questions about the meter exchanges.
Customers will have been notified about the meter exchange in advance by letter.  
Customers will not be charged for the meter replacement.
We anticipate the project will run from mid-May through August 2016.

Pat Baldwin
Director - Service and Metering

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