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Two Weeks as an MPD Intern

June 9, 2016 3:19 PM


During the summer months of each year, MPD collaborates with numerous Colleges and Universities in placing students in internships as part of their course work. Below is a short report of the Central District Intern as he began his summer with us.

Capt Carl Gloede


Two Weeks as an MPD Intern


On my first day of the internship with the Madison Police Department I hardly had an idea of what to expect. After I walked through the Central District's front doors at 7:35am a man clenching his fists walked up to me and angrily said, "I have an ongoing crime to commit. Do you know who I can report it to?" Baffled, I told him I would call my supervisor for the first time. The crime in progress turned out to be a conspiracy, and after a brief conversation Lieutenant Austin managed to diffuse the situation. Five minutes before my internship technically I still had no idea what to expect, but I was definitely excited.

After attending an information briefing at 7:45am I met my second supervisor, Lt. Krueger Favour who added even more excitement and energy to the morning. The friendly and humorous atmosphere of the Madison Police Department complimented the work environment to the point where I did not even want to leave the first day.


Despite barely knowing me, Lt. Austin and Krueger managed to involve me in operations with the Gang Unit within the first week of my internship.  While assisting the Gang Unit Sergeant I realized the addictive element of police work. The operation fulfilled me with a surreal feeling, where unlike studying; I never wanted to make any excuse to stop working. It took nine hours for a Lieutenant to convince me that I could go home. If someone were to ask me to describe a typical day at the Central District, I simply could not. I know that I will go to a 7:45am information briefing every morning, and on Wednesday's at 9am I will go to Coffee with the Cops. I have no idea where I will be involved in a search warrant, round up, officer down mock scenario at the academy, ride-along, or special event.


Entering into my senior year at UW-Madison as a double major in Political Science and Legal studies with a certificate in Criminal Justice my educated background illuminated a tough stance towards law enforcement personnel.  I had many stereotypes in mind from classes and the media regarding law enforcement. It took me three days to realize that all but one of the stereotypes was wrong (at least for the MPD). The Madison police are not out to get anyone in particular, and their use of discretion is unprecedented. Going into the internship I was fully aware of the disparities and problems with policing. The Madison Police Department is an exemplary example of what law enforcement should be like. The MPD's charismatic nature towards a diverse range of individuals highlights the department's cultural competence. I have never seen a government agency that truly cares about its relations with the public; whether they be good or bad.

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