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Congratulations to Captain Tye - 2021 NIJ LEADS Scholar

August 5, 2021 10:10 AM

We are proud to announce that Captain Matt Tye (who oversees our Community Outreach section) was selected as a recipient/scholar of the 2021 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) program cohort! 

What is this exactly?  The NIJ LEADS Scholars Program recognizes the importance of research as a tool for law enforcement agencies to make decisions and to measure the decisions.  Captain Tye has done just this within our agency by effectively using data, research and evidence to inform policy and practice for the MPD. 

Captain Tye is not the only MPD member to be acknowledged by NIJ LEADS and selected as a scholar.  Chief Barnes (2015 -, Retired Captain Cory Nelson (2015 - and Assistant Chief Paige Valenta (2018 – 

Congratulation Captain Tye!

Captain Tye

Matt Tye

Captain; 2021 NIJ LEADS Scholar

Madison Police Department

Captain Matt Tye has been with the Madison Police Department for over 21 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Northwestern University and a Law Degree from the University of Wisconsin. He is currently the Captain of Community Outreach overseeing the department's Mental Health Unit, the Addiction Resource Team, as well as all department outreach engagements and restorative justice initiatives. He also works with the Madison Metropolitan School District overseeing the STOP School Violence grant and the establishment and training of threat assessment and critical response teams within the school district.  Finally, Captain Tye is the Deputy Commander of the Special Events Team responsible for crowd management within the City of Madison. Captain Tye is interested in improving the use of data analysis and evidenced based practices in the areas of criminal diversion and community engagement. 

Prior to his current assignment, Captain Tye served as a Patrol Lieutenant, a Detective Lieutenant, Detective and Police Officer. In these roles, he supervised a number of units to include the Special Victims Unit and the SWAT Crisis Negotiation Team. As a detective, he was involved in focused deterrence efforts to engage people returning from prison. 

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