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Fireside Five-Oh, Livingroom Conversations

July 23, 2016 9:21 AM

Hosts needed for Fireside Five-Oh.


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After a very successful trial period in the North District, we are happy to announce that Fireside Five-Oh, a new opportunity for officers and citizens to make meaningful connections, is set to launch all across the city. The fireside chats are designed to be a more informal way to nurture important relationships between you and the officers who serve your neighborhood. It's not a meeting. It's more than that, more social, more intimate. It's also something we all need now, more than ever.

So what is a Fireside Five-Oh? Its lots of things: a chat, a social hour, a conversation, a place of common ground.  Mostly it's a chance to get together to meet friends and neighbors and the local cops who work in your neighborhood. The topics of conversation are determined by the host and other guests. The conversation is unscripted and informed by the interests of all the guests. We talk about whatever is on your mind. Maybe it's a specific neighborhood concern, maybe its curiosity about the men and women who choose to be Madison police officers. 

Who attends a Fireside Five-Oh? The host decides. Friends, neighbors and family are all welcome.  One or two officers, the cops who work directly in your neighborhood, also attend.  A group with anywhere from 8 to 14 guests plus the officers seems to work best.  It depends on the size group you can accommodate. And as your guests, we'll even bring treats!

Folks ask, "Why do you want to do this at my house?"  We understand that your home is your turf, not ours. Fireside Five-Ohs can happen indoors or out, on the patio or in your family room, wherever you're most comfortable. The idea is to promote a more informal, deeper dialog.  We want you and your guests to feel at ease so that meaningful conversation at a personal level begins to happen.

We're now looking for interested hosts in all five policing districts. Coordinators are ready to help you plan, wherever you live in Madison.  We can't wait to be your guest. And did I mention? We bring treats!

North District

PO David Dexheimer

East District 

PO Heather Dzick

Central District 

PO Andre Lewis

South District

PO Steve Magyera

PO Molly Thomson

West District

PO Theresa Magyera

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