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Check Out Our Fireside Five-Oh Program - Officers Come to Your Home to Chat

October 14, 2016 3:01 PM

Have you heard about our Fireside Five-Oh Program?  We are pretty excited to keep offering this option in our community and encourage you to sign up for one.

What is a Fireside Five-Oh you might ask? - Lots of things - a chat, a party, a social hour, a conversation, a place of common ground.  Mostly it's a chance to get together to meet friends and neighbors and the local cops who work in your neighborhood.

What do we talk about at these? - Whatever is on your mind!  Maybe it's a specific neighborhood concern, maybe its curiosity about the men and women who choose to be Madison police officers.  There is never a shortage of questions when it comes to policing.

Who can you invite to attend? - You decide.  Friends, neighbors and family are all welcome to attend.  One or two officers, the cops who work directly in your neighborhood, will also attend.  A group with anywhere from 8-14 guests plus the officers seems to work best.  It depends on the size group you can accommodate.  And as your guests, we'll even bring treats! :)

Why is the Fireside Five-Oh held at your home? - Your home is your turf, not ours.  Indoors or out, on the patio or in the family room, wherever you're most comfortable.  The idea is to promote a more informal, intimate dialog.  We want you and your guests to feel at ease so that meaningful conversation at a personal level begins to happen.

How do you set up a Fireside Five-Oh Chat? - Contact our Community Outreach and Education group via email. Sergeant Scott Kleinfeldt: or Police Officer David Dexheimer:

We hope to see you in your home soon!

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