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Madison Police Department - Good Neighbor Nights

March 28, 2017 12:29 PM

The Good Neighbor Project is, foremost, about partnership between neighbors.

It is about developing multiple, creative ways to become involved in our neighbors' lives-for example, by building a community garden, organizing a neighborhood clean-up day, or planning a block party. Crime prevention is most successful where neighbors foster open communication and contact.

The Good Neighbor Project is about learning from programs that already work and shaping new plans and ideas that build cohesive, safe neighborhoods.

Secondly, the Good Neighbor Project is about partnering with the Madison Police Department to redefine Neighborhood Watch groups. Our focus incorporates not only eyes and ears, but hands and hearts. It is a place for interweaving officers and citizens, knitting together the people who live in our neighborhoods with the people who work in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to increase overall safety through community engagement and innovative problem solving.

The Good Neighbor Project is where, truly, "the police are the public and public are the police." (Sir Robert Peel) It is where we foster familiarity, comfort, and connectivity. It is where we come together and get to know one another, better.


For dates related to Good Neighbor Nights check out our calendar on our website:

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