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MPD's Explorer Post 911 - Leadership Academy

August 7, 2017 1:25 PM

This blog is authored by MPD Explorer Priya Heinen:

I am beyond grateful to have been one of thirty Explorers picked nationwide to participate in the 2017 National Law Enforcement Exploring Leadership Academy with the US Marshal Service Special Operations Group.

During my week-long academy that took place at Camp Beauguard in Louisiana, I was never discouraged, I was pushed outside my comfort zone, and became a part of a new law enforcement family. Our days were long and tough with 18 hours of learning and training that started with a workout session, the Marshal's way, not our way. We received medics training using scenarios that taught us when to use a tourniquet, H-bandage or chest seal. We practiced our shooting skills on the ranges and rode in ATV's learning how the Marshals use them in the pursuit of a fugitive. In addition, we learned how to navigate in rural areas using GPS coordinates and maps, along with learning how Marshals provide protective services through "real life" scenarios. Each activity placed us in a leadership role. We operated as one team that never left anyone behind, we encouraged each other and pushed ourselves to limits that each of us never knew we could reach. Through this experience, I have learned a tremendous amount of leadership.

In a thought provoking conversation with one of the Marshals and fellow explorers, we were asked to give one word that described a leader. After we said our word, he chose, "Inspires." He said, "as a leader, you want to make someone want to do something, not tell them to do something. You want to inspire them." This is one thing every Marshal I met was to me, an inspiration.

I would like to thank all of my advisors and Chief Koval for giving me the opportunity to experience a week of leadership training with the US Marshals.






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