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Meet East District Police Officer Blake Hoefs

January 10, 2018 8:46 AM

Hello, my name is Blake Hoefs, I began my law enforcement career in 2005 and have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  I was hired by the Madison Police Department in 2013 and attended the accelerated academy.  I work afternoon patrol out of the east district.  I am a field training officer, lifesaving award recipient, and a member of MPD PRIDE.  MPD Pride is a LGBT resource group comprised of LGBT officers and allies within the Madison Police Department. Our mission is to serve as a resource to employees within MPD by providing information and support in light of the unique challenges with which LGBT individuals are often faced. In addition, we serve as the points-of-contact for members of Madison's LGBT community at large, working to cultivate trust and to offer an added level of support to LGBT individuals in need of police services.

I grew up in central Wisconsin and moved to Madison in 2011.  During my free time, my hobbies include: kayaking, softball, cooking, DIY projects, acoustic music, and entertaining my 5 year old dog. 



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