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Recognition of Adult School Crossing Guard Week

January 24, 2018 8:13 AM

Be grateful for those who help our children stay safe!

            No matter your views of politics, environment or weather, stop to appreciate what's important.  January 22–26 is declared "Adult School Crossing Guard Week." This and every week, it is important to recognize and appreciate these hardworking, dedicated employees who serve our school children and community by devoting a couple hours daily to keep our children safe.  We all seem to know one or many of them.  But, how do you thank them? 

Give a wave of recognition and a smile!  Also know what to do when approaching a crossing guard.  Reduce speed; proceed cautiously as children may be at or near a crossing.  When a guard raises their stop sign, stop at least 10 feet back; stay stopped until both the children AND the crossing guard have reached the curb.  View the following PSA for more information: .  Everyone can help by being alert in school zones, putting phones away, and simply by sharing a friendly wave as many guards do for us. 

Please join us in extending our heartfelt gratitude to them for doing a very important job!

Patti Knoche & Virginia Kravik

MPD Adult Crossing Guard Supervisors

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