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Community Outreach

July 20, 2023 2:37 PM

There has been a lot of great work performed by your Officers lately!  Be proud Madison.

Some of the work we do also includes "Community Outreach" where we partner with community organizations for events.  An incredibly popular event in the Central (Downtown) District is the "Madison Night Market" as we have a booth for those attending to learn more about MPD.  Two upcoming events are highlighted below and the public welcome to join us!

Thursday August 3rd from 5p-8p:  NATIONAL NIGHT OUT (NNO).  We will have 2 events in this District for the community to come out an enjoy.  Both events are from 5p-8p with one in Peace Park (State St) and Orton Park (Spaight St).  In partnership with the BID and DMI, there will be balloons, music, UWPD, MFD and more at Peace Park.  The Orton Park event will feature a community safety walk and refreshments at the end.  The 30 minute walk is for anyone wanting to walk the neighborhood (or pushed in a stroller) with the police.  Afterward we will have refreshments, Park Rangers and MFD.  Please join us.  

On August 9th from 10a-11a, we will have our first "Youth Parade" on the Square.  We want our youth to explore and "enjoy" downtown just like the rest of us.  These are our future leaders, shoppers, renters, fans and more and the comfort level with downtown can start young.  In partnership with DMI and the BID, we are hosting the event, which is for ages 4-12, featuring a 2 loop lap around the Square.  We will have balloons, refreshments and more for those joining us.  Neighborhood Centers, Daycares, youth centers and more are welcome to participate.  Meet at Carroll/Main St at 10 a.m. 8/9/23 for the walking parade to commence!!  No reservations needed, just join in the fun.

Captain Mike Hanson

Central Police District -Madison Police

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