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Ridgecrest Celebration

May 28, 2016 6:32 PM

Saturday afternoon kicked off a new era at one Northside apartment community.  Ridgecrest Apartments (formerly known as Woodlands Apartments) at 500 Northport Dr invited residents and first responders to a Memorial Weekend cookout.  Firefighters from Station 10 and Police Officers from the North District were delighted to join in the celebration. A big hit at the event was the grand opening of a small splash pad.  The warm sunny day made the cool water especially welcome. We very much appreciate the invitation and the chance to get to know our neighbors in such a joyful setting.


Ridgecrest Apartments is owned by Mirus Partners of Middleton and managed by Elmington Management Company. Prior to Mirus' acquisition, the property had come under scrutiny over the past several years due to a number of issues.  The property was completely rehabbed with most construction completed late last year.  The opening of the splash pad and the Saturday celebration is symbolic of the high hopes we have for a renewed sense of community at this key Northside property.

Kids at the splash park

Firefighter with bucket of water

Henry Wilson, firefighters and Dave the Hotdog Chef

Cops serving hotdogs



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