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Solicitor Complaints

June 5, 2013 5:53 PM

Recently some neighbors have called to complain about a female going door to door in East District neighborhoods soliciting to sell children's books and materials. Complaints ranged from failure to, produce the permit, contacting houses,late, and asking questions about children in the neighborhood. Neighbors found some of the conduct suspicious.

Based on these complaints officers responded and identified the woman. We have verified that she has a valid City of Madison permit to solicit children's educational materials. As a follow-up measure we have sent her a letter advising her, and her employer of the provisions of Madison General Ordinance 9.14 Solicitor's and Canvasser's Permits,, and made her aware of the neighborhood concerns/complaints.

If you have concerns related to the conduct of solicitors please feel free to contact your neighborhood liaison officer to provide information related to your concern. The, list of officers serving various neighborhood areas can be found at,

Some issues addressed by the ordinance include:,

  • A permit must be carried at all times by the applicant to whom it is issued while soliciting. While soliciting the permitee must show it to to any person who is solicited, or a police officer who request to see it.
  • Business must be conducted in a lawful manner and should not create a breach of the peace, or interfere with the general welfare of the public.

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