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East District Blotter

Burglary Prevention

April 12, 2017 12:27 PM

We have recently noticed a slight increase in burglaries within the N. Thompson Drive Corridor neighborhood between Lien road and Sycamore Avenue. Most of these have incidents occurred during the overnight hours.  In these particular cases, thieves made entry through open garage doors and unlocked doors.  Purses are always a favorite target.


As the warm weather approaches, this provides a good time to remind residents to be mindful of making sure doors remain locked.  Burglaries increase during warm winter months in part due to increased opportunity.  Most burglaries are opportunistic and unsophisticated in their methods.  Simply lighting up your residence, locking your doors, AND keeping garage doors closed at night will deter thieves.


We have attached a "Home Security Checklist" link for more ideas and tips as to how best protect your family and your property.


We will do our best to investigate and provide extra patrol when we see these incidents occur, but we need your help!  You are the eyes and ears within our neighborhoods. Call to report suspicious activity in progress. You can always remain anonymous.


Stay safe!

Captain Tom Snyder

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