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Animal Complaints

October 23, 2013 4:03 PM

The East District has recently had complaints regarding companion animals, specifically dogs.  In many cases, Animal Laws may differ slightly depending on whether you live in the City of Madison or in Dane County. However, there are several animal laws that are the same no matter where you live. Recently, a number of neighbors in the McClellan Park, Door Creek, and Reston Heights Neighborhoods have contacted the Madison Police Department expressing concerns about residents walking their dogs off of leash and not cleaning up after their dogs. If you are a dog owner, please keep the following City of Madison laws in mind.

Both the City of Madison and Dane County have "running at large" laws for dogs. Dogs are not to run at large off of the owners' property unless they are in an off leash dog park or have permission to be loose from the owner of the property they are on. Residents with "invisible fencing" are not required to post any signage indicating such.

In addition, for Madison Dog Owners, the following Madison General Ordinances (M.G.O.) pertain to your responsibilities for cleaning up after your dog.

  • ALWAYS carry equipment sufficient to clean up your dog's feces whenever you and your dog are off of your property. M.G.O. 7.322(2).
  • Do not allow your dog to defecate on any property, public or private (except your own property), unless you immediately remove, and properly dispose of the waste. M.G.O. 7.322(1).
  • Do not allow dog feces to accumulate on your property. M.G.O. 7.37(8). ? Dog feces can pose health risks to people and pets. The fine for violating any of these ordinances is $100.00.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us either at the East District Station located at 809 S. Thompson Drive or by calling (608) 266-4887.

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