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East District Blotter

Protect Items in Your Car

November 18, 2013 1:26 PM

During the past two weeks, the East Police District has received numerous reports of theft from vehicles in the area of East Towne Mall. Some vehicles have had their windows broken and items taken from the vehicle, others have had unlocked doors. District officers are aware of this increased activity in the area.

With the holiday season upon us, please be mindful that entering vehicles and stealing the contents within are most often a crime of opportunity. Here are a few basic suggestions to keep in mind:

  • ALWAYS lock your vehicle doors and keep the windows rolled up.
  • Remove any and all items in the vehicle interior. The most targeted items are GPS units, laptops, briefcases or purses. Items tucked under car seats might still be seen from exterior of vehicle.
  • Place those holiday gifts in the trunks of vehicles and out of plain view.
  • Look around you. Be familiar with your environment and report any and all suspicious people or activity as soon as possible.

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