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Overdose alert

July 24, 2019 12:34 PM

MPD, Public Helath Madison and Dane County along with WI Dept. of Health Services are issuing a public health alert due to an increase in suspected opioid overdose activity in Dane County from July 14-22. There have been 6 OD's seen in local hospital emergency rooms in Dane County.

Please be aware of this and alert anyone who may be at an increased risk of overdose.  It is recommended to recognize the signs of an overdose

  1. Pale, sweaty or clammy skin
  2. Lips or fingertips turning blue
  3. Slow or irregular breathing, gasping, gurgling or snoring
  4. Difficult or unable to wake up

Please call 911 in the event of a suspected overdose, keep an eye on your friends and family. Carry Narcan/Naloxone and know how to use it.  Please call 211 for treatment and recovery resources.


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