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Confusion on Contact form vs Self Reporting forms

October 3, 2019 11:04 AM

There seems to be some confusion on what form to use.  In the East District, we are seeing a lot of people filling out a "Contact form" thinking they are filing a police report.

 Self reporting covers the below categories, in a non-emergency situation:

Annoying/Obscene Phone Call
Check Person
Check Property
Civil Dispute
Damage to Property
Fraud/ ID Theft
Landlord/Tenant Trouble
Lost Property

Neighbor Trouble
Stolen Bicycle
Stolen License Plates
Suspicious Person
Suspicious Vehicle
Theft From Auto
Threats Complaint
Worthless Checks

Again, this is for non-emergency situations, if a crime is occurring, please call 911.

Please go to our website and look for "Citizen Self Reporting System" to file your report.


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