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2021 East District Summer Strategic Plan

June 7, 2021 2:39 PM

Hello East District Community Members,

Today marks the beginning of the 2021 East District Summer Strategic Plan.  The East District will utilize the Stratified Model to incorporate problem oriented policing, analysis and accountability at all levels.  The plan includes three priority areas. Those areas are community engagement, crime reduction and disorder reduction.

For crime reduction, the East District will deploy resources to reduce property crimes (burglary, stolen autos and theft from auto) and crimes related to shots fired.

For disorder reduction, the East District will deploy resources to reduce the hazardous driving on E. Washington Ave. and proactively enforce the Median Safety Ordinance.  The East District will collaborate with the North District in these efforts.  E. Washington Ave. is the boundary between the North and East Districts.

The plan will identify priorities and strategies to address crime and disorder in the district by establishing data collection methods, documenting the implementation of the strategies and subsequently analyzing their effectiveness.  However, officers will continue to respond to calls for service and the plan supplements the great police work that is already being done.

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