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Shift Change

January 31, 2022 1:05 PM

Each year there is an annual "shift change".  At the end of each year there is a "shift pick" where patrol operations can choose which district, shift and beat they want to work.  Shift change is upon us and those new assignments will begin February 6th, 2022.  As such you may see new faces patrolling your neighborhood. 

At this same time the East District will have a new NPO, NRO and MHO.  PO Kiel Baitinger-Peterson will take over from PO Marcus Robbins as the Darbo/Worthington neighborhood police officer.  PO Alexa Graham will take the reins from PO Howard Payne as the neighborhood resource officer.  We thank PO Robbins and PO Payne for their contributions in these important roles.  PO Haley Massey will begin her new role as the district mental health officer.

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