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Thank You Officer Mosley

March 13, 2014 9:33 AM


Photo PO Mosley

Each of the four City public high schools is staffed with one Madison Police Educational Resource Officer. Recently, much has been written and stated about the Educational Resource Officer (ERO) Program within our high schools.  The East Police District has been extremely fortunate to have a great officer assigned to Lafollette High for the past four and one half years.  Officer Ken Mosley is respected by students and has become an integral part of the LHS staff.

ERO's have a difficult job and work in a challenging environment.  A good ERO wears many hats on any given day. Both MPD and MMSD have high expectations for these officers who work within the school environment.  Successful ERO's possess the characteristics which allow them to thrive when asked to:

  • Create and maintain relationships with students, staff, and parents. They do so by building trust and increasing positive police interactions when possible.
  • Engage in open communication with all stakeholders while serving as a liaison between the respective high school and MPD. 
  •  Engage in collaborative problem solving with school staff and students to seek the best possible resolution or outcome.
  • Provide and ensure student safety and site security.

Officer Ken Mosley has been a leader and visible presence in the hallways and classrooms of Lafollette High School.  He has demonstrated a positive attitude and served as a role model for countless students. Ken will be starting a new assignment following this school year, and we thank him for his service at LHS.  Officer Roderick Johnson has been selected as the new ERO and will begin this assignment when classes resume in September.

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