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Next Time, Try a Self-Report

April 28, 2014 9:43 AM

With springtime upon us, rising temperatures mean the potential for more crime and higher call volume for the Madison Police Department. Higher call volume makes it difficult for officers to respond to incidents that require immediate attention. You can help reduce our call volume by reporting minor crimes to the Madison Police Department Self Report Unit, which can be accessed online, by telephone, or in person at any district station.

The Self Report Unit is intended for minor crimes such as scams, general or credit card fraud, theft of property less than $2500 in value, damage to property, and dumping of waste on private property. Below, you will find a link to the Self Report Unit website, where you can view other crimes that are eligible for self-reporting. We also continue to look at other incidents to add to that list.

When using the Self Report Unit, we encourage you to use the online entry form. This form makes it easier for our investigators to view the case and it can usually be processed within one business day of being reported. For insurance purposes, the online reporting will also benefit you, because as soon as the report is filed, you get a case number. If your insurance provider needs to review the case, you can provide them with that case number immediately after filing. At the moment the case number is received, your report becomes official in our system.

If you cannot file your report online, you may also call the Self Report Unit at 608-245-3662. Please be aware that this phone number leads directly to a voicemail. Follow the instructions on the recording and an officer will return your call.

You are also welcome to go to any Madison Police District and fill out a Self-Reporting Form in person. These forms generally take longer to process. Depending on the Records Section's backlog, you can expect to wait more than a week for your report to be reviewed.

To report a minor motor vehicle accident, please do not use the Self-Reporting Form. Motor vehicle accidents should be reported as quickly as possible to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. If an accident occurs without property damage or injury, it can be handled simply by the involved parties exchanging their information without the use of a police officer.

I hope the information provided in this article will help you in reporting minor incidents. We really appreciate citizen involvement in our policing efforts. Your use of the Self Report Unit is such a great help.

Below, I will provide links to the Self Report Unit and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation accident reporting websites.

Madison Police Self-Reporting System

Wisconsin DMV

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