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2015 Bike Rodeo

September 3, 2014 7:52 AM

2015 Bike RodeoFor most kids, the approach of a new school year means buying back-to-school notebooks, fresh packs of mechanical pencils, a new lunchbox, and figuring out a cute outfit for the first day of school. For kids in the Darbo/Worthington neighborhood, it also means that it is time for Darbo/Worthington's annual Bike Rodeo, a neighborhood event that focuses on educating kids about bike safety and also includes other fun bike-related events.

This year's Bike Rodeo took place in the parking lot of the Salvation Army. The Bicycle Recycle provided minor bike repairs for kids while teaching them about the repair process and commonly used bike parts. Volunteers from the Madison Traffic Garden helped kids adjust their bike helmets to fit properly, set up racecourses and organized groups to participate in the races. Participants were awarded prizes for demonstrating positive bike safety habits, along with first, second, and third place winners. Volunteers from Eastpointe Apartments, Joining Forces for Families, and the Goodman Community Center provided refreshments and ice cream treats. The Department of Corrections and Madison Police Department also handed out raffle tickets and sent three lucky individuals home with new bikes! The Rodeo culminated in a parade through the neighborhood led by the flashing lights and siren of a Madison Police squad car.
Officer Kristin Parks at the 2015 Bike Rodeo

The Madison Police Department, led by Officer Lester Moore, in partnership with the abovementioned community agencies, organized the event. Officers from the East District participated, along with the Community Policing Team's bike patrol.

We want to thank the Darbo/Worthington community for their participation in this year's event and look forward to seeing you next year at the 2015 Darbo/Worthington Bike Rodeo!

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