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Stay Safe on Halloween

October 30, 2014 12:08 PM

Halloween is aPumpkin with Police Caplways an exciting time for kids because of the fun costumes and the large amounts of candy. While they may get caught up in the excitement of it all, the Madison Police Department wants to ensure a safe night of trick-or-treating in addition to the fun.

Children should always go trick-or-treating with adults until they are at least 12 years old. If teenagers will be going without adults, it's important that they travel in groups. It is also safer to only go to homes with which you are familiar. When it comes to costumes, it is best to go with ones that allow children to be the most visible, especially in the dark. If they are wearing a dark-colored costume or coat, having them carry a flashlight will help ensure that drivers will be able to see them more easily. Also, it's important to reinforce general rules of being a pedestrian – remind children to look both ways before crossing the road and never run into the street.

On Halloween, the Madison Police Department, along with Probation and Parole agents, will be out for additional safety reasons. They will be implementing random home visits of those who are on the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry. These offenders are given specific restrictions when it comes to Halloween, in an attempt to keep children from coming to their homes. If any offender is found to be in violation of these restrictions, he or she may be taken into custody.

Parents can familiarize themselves with the Sex Offender Registry to help set a route for their night of trick-or-treating. A link to their website is provided below, as well as some other great sources for Halloween safety tips.

Authored by Britni Sutton

Sex Offender Registry

Safe Kids Worldwide

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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