City of Madison



1. Plans, specifications and plan holder lists are available on Bid Express.

  • Contractors are asked to sign a plan holders list on Bid Express.  The Plan Holders List is maintained by Alane Boutelle at Emil St. It is updated on the website on a regular basis.

2. Pre-Bid Meeting

  • The meeting room at Emil Street is booked by Alane Boutelle.
  • These meetings are conducted by representatives of the Affirmative Action Division of the Department of Civil Rights. Project Managers/Engineers are sometimes present for specification review.
  • Technical questions about plans and specifications should be forwarded to the project manager/engineer if they do not attend the meeting.

3. Addendums

  • The Project Manager/Engineer prepares the addendum. This information, along with a hard copy of the plans and/or specs that have changed, should be forwarded to Johanna Johnson, (608) 264-9274. They will post the addendum to the Bid Express and notify everyone registered on the Plan Holders List.
  • If the Addendum includes any changes in dates, you must notify Norman Davis in Affirmative Action or Marsha Hacker in Engineering.
  • The ABSOLUTE deadline for issuing an addendum is at NOON ON WEDNESDAY prior to the Friday the bids are to be received.

4. Cost Estimates

  • Alane Boutelle will contact project manager/design engineer for cost estimate. This information is also included on Bid Express