City of Madison

Step 7: Contract administration

1. Payroll Submitted

Contractors submit weekly payrolls to Keana Bracey, (608) 266-4620, at Engineering's downtown location. Payroll may be submitted on Affirmative Action's Certified Weekly Payroll form or an approved form supplied by the contractor. Staff scans documents in KnowledgeLake.

2. Progress Meetings

Whether progress meetings will be held is established at the preconstruction meeting.

3. Inspections

Inspectors should be aware of contractors and subcontractors working on the project.

4. Partial Payment Requests

  • Pay requests are submitted on one of two forms. The form should be submitted to the project inspector/manager. If the project is an "Engineering" project, the pay request form is generated by Emil St. staff. Other departments and divisions may elect to use the AIA form. (AIA form is mainly used by the architects).
  • Forms must include the following:
    • Contract Number
    • Title
    • Time period worked
    • List of sub-contractors that worked during that time period.
  • The form must be signed by the contractor. Work items and quantities should equal the dollar amount of payment requested.
  • The inspector reviews quantities and signs the form when it is approved for payment. If there is more than one inspector please coordinate with all parties.
  • Payroll reports must be checked for any missing weeks and any wage non-compliance. Contact Kelsey Stone for a report.
  • Notification of request for payment is submitted to Affirmative Action via email. Affirmative Action has three days to review request.
  • Payments will be withheld for any of the following reason:
    • Any substantiated wage violations
    • Payroll is missing
  • Affirmative Action will send a report to the City agency if there are any issues.
  • Payment is calculated and an LPO is created (sample of LPO). This includes calculating retainage. Retainage is calculated as follows:

Percentage of Work Complete Amount to Retain
<= 50% 5% of Total Payments Requested to Date
>50% 2.5% of Original Contract Total
(including original change order totals)
  • Note: After 50% of work is complete, no additional retainage is taken unless change orders are added. Retainage is capped at 2.5% of original contract total (including original change order totals).
  • The LPO is then routed for signatures. A copy of the LPO is sent to the contractor, one is included in the project file and the original payment request and LPO is sent to the Finance Department.
  • The Finance Department verifies signatures, checks for budget and processes LPO for payment. Checks are run on Tuesdays and Fridays.

5. Change Orders

  • Blank change orders can be found on this website. Open the file marked Blank Change Order and immediately save it under the contract number, in whatever year the contract was issued. It is only necessary to fill out the areas in yellow. There are 10 blank change orders per file. Most information is carried over from one change order to the next. Several fields are locked to protect formulas. If you need additional lines or additional change orders, contact Johanna Johnson, (608) 264-9274. Be sure to fill out a Justification sheet for each change order.
  • The Construction Inspector shall designate his/her approval on change orders which are initiated in the field after the contractor has signed the change order.
  • The Construction Supervisor is authorized to approve change orders up to $5,000 provided that the sum of the change order under consideration and the previous change orders do not exceed the contract contingency, (generally 8% of the contract lump sum bid).
  • Change orders over $5,000 provided that the sum of the change order under consideration and the previous change orders do not exceed the contract contingency shall be approved by the City Engineer or the sponsoring agency Division or Department Head.
  • The City Engineer may approve change orders which are, in his opinion, necessary to safeguard life or property or guard the City against financial risk or loss provided that the City Engineer report the situation to the Board at the first opportunity.
  • Change orders which alter the completion date, substantially alter the scope, or are over $10,000 or change orders in which the sum of the change order under consideration and the previous change orders exceed the contract contingency shall be approved by the Board of Public Works.
  • Change orders which materially influence the scope of the project as well as change orders which are used to acquire additional construction, fixtures, etc., not intended in the original contract must be approved by the Board of Public Works, prior to issuance.
  • A change order may be challenged if not processed properly. It is recommended that those persons approving change orders be certain of:
    • Validity of change order, and
    • Extent of his/her authority to commit the City to any change order whenever it is an added cost or deduction, and
    • That the change order scope or cost, if applicable, is reflective of the value of the work and in the best interest of the City.
  • Once your change order is complete, have it reviewed and signed by the Contractor.
  • Send a copy of the change order that needs to be approved by the Board of Public Works to Marsha Hacker to be placed on the agenda.