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The Affirmative Action Division (AAD) is strongly committed to supporting diversity in the workforce. To further our commitment, we have created a Job Skills Bank which is based on employment opportunities with non-exempt organizations receiving City of Madison assistance and businesses contracting (vendors, suppliers or contractors) with the City of Madison. We have created forms to ensure and promote equal opportunities for all persons in the City of Madison.


To ensure that those vendors, suppliers and contractors with which the City does business provide equal employment and promotional opportunities for all persons and in the community, the Affirmative Action Division has also created a Job Posting Form. As per the City's Affirmative Action Plan, these non-exempt organizations or companies which contract with the City, must notify the AAD of all job vacancies in Dane County prior to advertising. If you are an employer who believes that they meet the above qualifications but are not posting on the Job Skills Bank, please contact Eman Easa, (608) 266-4827, for further assistance.

Job Posting Form

Directions for submitting the forms using PDF Acrobat:

  • Download, complete, and return to:
    City of Madison Affirmative Action Division
    210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Room 523
    Madison, WI 53703

Directions for submitting the forms using MS Word:

  • Right click this link and choose "Save Target As" OR "Save Target Link As".
  • When the "Save As" window appears, go to the folder you want to save it to and click "Save".
  • Open the form on your computer in MS Word, complete it, and save it.
  • Once the form is completed, please attach it to an email and send it to


Individuals are encouraged to view the Job Skills Bank Listing (PDF), identify positions of interest, and contact our office in order to review job announcements and obtain referrals. Individuals who are interested in seeking employment opportunities with any of the organizations listed should apply by filling out the Client Action Form. If you qualify, and are referred to potential employers, you are expected to receive an interview. Also, please note that this process does not exclude applicants from any of the normal application, interviewing or hiring processes, but is designed as a service to the members of our community. All inquiries regarding the job duties, responsibilities, salary, benefits, etc. should be directed to the employer. In addition, the Affirmative Action Division suggests that applicants inquire about any other open positions with these organizations.

Note: These jobs, are not, in any way, affiliated with the City of Madison governmental job listings (go to: City of Madison Employment Opportunities).

Client Action Form


There are numerous resources for jobs in Wisconsin on the web:

  • Dane County Job Center acts as a partner in meeting the workforce needs of area employers and to help individuals achieve their career goals. They do this by providing workshops on resume review, job search workshops and career counseling.