Dane County Job Center Trainings

The City of Madison Department of Civil Rights and the Dane County Job Center have partnered to offer free trainings designed to educate and empower job-seekers, employers, and the wider community on equal opportunities laws and best employment practices.

Register for a training by contacting Jennifer Seese, jennifer.seese@dwd.wisconsin.gov.

Date: First Friday of every month (except July)
Time: 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Cost: Free

Dane County Job Center (These are all via Zoom and in-person)
1819 Aberg Ave.
Madison, WI

Jan. 5, 2024Navigating Social Media & Publicly Available Information: Best Practices for Employees and Employers Regarding Rights
Feb. 2, 2024National Origin/Ancestry & Race Discrimination
Mar. 1, 2024Employment Bias
Apr. 5, 2024Fair Employment Practices
May 3, 2024Arrest Record & Conviction Record Discrimination
Jun. 7, 2024Disability Discrimination & Reasonable Accommodations
Jul. 12, 2024Discrimination & Labor Standards
Aug. 2, 2024Sex, Sexual Orientation, & Gender Identity Discrimination & Sexual Harassment
Sept. 6, 2024Exploring the Internationality of Physical Appearance & Homelessness in Discrimination
Oct. 4, 2024Race & National Origin/Ancestry Discrimination
Nov. 1, 2024Arrest Record & Conviction Record Discrimination
Dec. 6, 2024Workplace Equity
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