The Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) is comprised of City of Madison employees and charged with addressing issues of concern to City of Madison employees from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.


  1. To exchange information and ideas relating to workplace diversity and inclusion.
  2. To set goals and make recommendations for providing equal opportunities and an inclusive working environment.
  3. To develop support networks for employees who identify with historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.
  4. To serve as a resource for the Mayor, departments, and agencies as they work toward meeting diversity goals.
  5. To coordinate activities that celebrate diversity, multicultural awareness, and engagement of all employees.


Any City employee may seek membership after attending two meetings. Meetings are open to the public, and all employees are welcome to attend.


Meets: 2nd Wednesday of Month; 11:00 am
Agency: Department of Civil Rights
(608) 266-4910
Authority: Madison General Ordinance (MGO) 33.27
Chair: Amy Deming
Vice Chair: currently vacant
Secretary: Karl Van Lith
Agendas: Meeting Schedule


Multicultural Affairs Committee

Top (left to right): Karl Van Lith, Varinia del Moral, Glenn Clark, Michael Miller
Bottom (left to right) Tariq Saqqaf, Amy Deming Robb, Nancy Saiz, Colier McNair, Catherine Duarte
Not pictured: Deon Carruthers


  • Active Members

  • Deon Carruthers
  • Amy Deming
  • Mahanth Joishy
  • Michael Miller
  • Angela Puerta
  • Nancy Saiz
  • Tariq Saqqaf
  • Karl Van Lith
  • Associate Members

  • Garfield Cunningham
  • Norman Davis
  • Melissa Gombar
  • Erin Hillson
  • Jerrett Jones
  • Tori Pettaway
  • Gloria Reyes
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