The final certification training class of 2017 was held on November 3rd. Please check back in the Spring of 2018 for more upcoming trainings.

The City of Madison has worked with public and private salt applicators and a Dane County advisory team to develop the new voluntary Winter Salt Certification Program, open to everyone in Dane County.

Certification can be for individuals or organizations and lasts 5 years.
(Those who have already taken the training will be certified for 5 years from the date the exam was passed.)

Individual Certification

  • Attend a winter maintenance training session (5 hours) - See below for training dates and times
  • Pass a written exam
  • Agree to use practices that reduce impacts on the environment
  • Two types of training: Roads Class for high/low speed snowplow drivers; Parking Lot/Sidewalk Class for those who maintain private/public walkways and/or parking lots and service roads

What you'll learn:

  • Chemistry or salt use
  • Recommended salt application rates
  • How to calculate the amount of salt needed based on weather conditions
  • Technological advancements like brining, new spreading equipment, alternative products

Organizational Certification (available starting fall, 2018)

Three tiers of certification:

  • Bronze: 30% of field staff certified - No salt reporting
  • Silver: 60% of field staff certified + Reporting
  • Gold: 90% of field staff certified + Reporting

Certification means:

  • Submitted and accepted application that describes current de-icing practices (One application can be submitted for an entire organization OR multiple applications if there are multiples addresses or branches)
  • Hands on equipment calibration training
  • Tracking use of salt per storm
  • Salt savings report – summary & comparative report (must submit each year) to maintain Silver and Gold Level Certification
    • List practices used
    • Describe areas managed (parking lot, sidewalk, streets)
    • Average application rate reporting lb/1000 sf or lb/ lane mile
    • Sharing of lessons learned and/or success stories