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Safety Tips

October 7, 2015 10:40 AM

Safety Tips

Many of us practice personal safety measures every day without thinking about it or being able to put our own safety practices into words.  The reality is that you could do everything right and still be a victim of a crime.  This is because the suspect is choosing their target based on opportunity.  The Madison Police Department is providing several safety suggestions to help you stay as safe as possible.

There are three elements for a crime to occur:

  • Criminal Desire
  • Opportunity
  • Victim

The public has no control over the criminal's desire to commit a crime.  Some criminals will commit a crime no matter what the consequences are for the crime.  This criminal does not care about the risk of arrest.

Removing Opportunity:

At Home

  • Lock doors and windows
  • Add light to dark areas
  • Trim shrubs around property
  • Report suspicious activity

In Public

  • Keep electronics out of sight
  • Keep your phone in a pocket and available
  • Notify a friend of your travel plans
  • Walk with friends when possible
  • Stay off your phone while walking
  • Avoid dark areas when walking at night
  • Change your route if you feel uncomfortable
  • Trust your instincts

Report suspicious activity or a crime to Madison Police at 255-2345 or

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