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Burglary Prevention Tips - Considerations for the Exterior of Your Home

June 19, 2014 11:18 AM

Since many of us have been checking the exteriors of our homes lately for storm related damage, we thought we would share a few burlgary prevention considerations to ponder as well... 

• Are your shrubs and bushes trimmed back so there is no place for someone to hide?
• Are tree canopies at least 5' above ground?
• Are there no dark areas around your house, garage or yard at night that would hide prowlers?
• Does every door have a bright, working light to illuminate visitors?
• Are your floodlights being used appropriately to ensure effective illumination?
• Are outdoor lights on in the evening – whether or not someone is at home or are motion lights installed?  (Turning on outside lights only when someone is home is a huge clue for oportunistic burlgars...)  
• Is your house number clearly displayed so that police and other emergency responders can find the house quickly?  (Having house numbers on mailboxes is nice for the postal carriers but doesn't always ensure that a police officer, firefighter or paramedic can see it in the dark...)

Please think of these questions and make any needed changes as you check the outside of your home.  We sincerely hope that everyone is doing ok after this past week of serious weather.  

Stay safe!



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