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A. Pre-Application Process


An application workshop for interested applicants will be held on June 29th at 10:00 AM. Applicants can register for this workshop here.


Applicants are required to contact Community Development Division staff no later than July 1. Applicants are also required to meet with Planning Division staff by July 1 to discuss site selection, land use approvals, and permits. Proposals within an active TIF district and seeking TIF funds are required to meet with Economic Development Division staff by July 1.  Applicants must receive a written confirmation of permissive zoning or a letter on the zoning status of the applicant's proposed site from the Zoning Administrator to be submitted with the application materials for Affordable Housing Funds.


Please see Section 2.1 in the RFP for more information regarding the pre-application process.

Name and Role                                          


E-mail Address                                             

Julie Spears,

Community Development Specialist

Community Development Division

Ethan Tabakin,

Community Development Specialist

Community Development Division

Kevin Firchow,

Principal Planner

Planning Division

Dan Rolfs,

Community Development Project Manager

Economic Development Division

Matt Tucker,

Zoning Administrator

Building Inspection


Last Updated: 06/15/2021

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