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Complete and Submit Application

Applications MUST be received on our office by 12:00 pm CST (noon) on August 19, 2022.     

Submit your Application materials and other requested agency policy documents via email to:

Applications time stamped received after 12:00 pm will not be accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Submittal Requirements

Please include only the required submittals specified below.  Additional materials will not be accepted.

  1. One (1)  RFP Application form for each program requesting funding.
  2. One (1) budget workbook which includes all agency and program information.
  3. One (1) Program Logic Model for each program requesting funding.
  4. Letters of Commitment/MOUs – Agencies that identify key partnerships in their application must provide written documentation of agreement/commitment from each listed partner.
  5. Fiscal Agent Form  Complete the form if applicable.

Please limit your proposal and responses to formats provided. Any materials submitted in addition to this application form and requested attachments will not be considered in the evaluation of the proposal. Do not attempt to unlock or alter these forms.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your application. These email notifications are not auto generated so allow some time for a person to receive and process your application. If you do not receive a notification within 2 hours, it means that your application did not get delivered. Please email to resolve the issue.

If you need assistance with this proposal or are unclear about how to respond to any questions, please contact Yolanda Shelton-Morris, or Hugh Wing,



Last Updated: 07/05/2022

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