D. Selection Criteria

Evaluation of responses to the RFQ will use the following criteria.


  1. Real Estate Development 30%

  2. Team experience in designing and developing structures suitable for public use and/or that can accommodate multiple uses.

  3. Team experience in securing financing from multiple sources for use in financing developments.

  4. Team experience in successful private fund raising efforts.

  5. Team experience in implementing public/private partnerships.


  6. Center Management and Operations 30%

  7. Team experience in effectively and efficiently managing a multi-use facility that exists primarily to serve neighborhood residents.

  8. Team experience in budgeting for and providing, or overseeing the delivery of culturally competent, family-oriented services and activities.

  9. Demonstrated commitment to the principles of racial equity and social justice.

  10. Team experience in budgeting and financial/performance outcomes reporting.

  11. Experience in providing consistent programming for youth and adults.


  12. Community Relations 30%

  13. Experience in engaging diverse populations in conversations designed to solicit input around specific topics.

  14. Experience in building effective relationships with community partners and stakeholders.

  15. Experience in articulating and attracting community support for organizational goals.

  16. Experience in building consensus around stated goals and objectives.


  17. Team Capacity 10%

  18. Ability of team to provide a broad range of services

  19. Financial strength of team

  20. Local preference

Last Updated: 03/26/2019

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