C. RFP Scoring Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Scoring Criteria 

Points Available


Development concept and plan, number of units, types of units, unit mix and income targeting, in-unit and property amenities, sensitivity to neighborhood context, proposal vision and goals, anticipated market demand, readiness to proceed, and compliance with eligibility requirements.



30 points


Level of responsiveness and extent to which proposal addresses overall City goals, objectives, and preferences as described in this RFP.


20 points


Development pro forma details reasonable sources and uses of funds and includes all project costs.  Operating budget details reasonable costs and cash flow over the period of affordability.  Financial structure included maximized available resources, financial strength of proposal, financial strength of applicant, and includes reasonable assumptions and projections.  WHEDA self-score is accurate and reasonable.

20 Points


Proximity to public transit, schools, employment opportunities, groceries, and other key amenities and/or benefit to surrounding neighborhood; impact on schools; suitability for new construction or major rehabilitation; conformance with adopted plans; evidence of site control; absence of known environmental issues that might significantly delay the project; likelihood of project meeting zoning requirements and securing City permits and/or approvals; level of Alder support; and level of neighborhood support.

20 points


Demonstrated capacity to produce a high-quality product – based on successful history of developing affordable housing, including the incorporation of supportive housing units and supportive services partnership(s), and performance on past CDD-assisted projects.

10 points

Total Points Available

100 points


While informative, proposal scores are not the sole factor in making funding decisions.  The top scoring proposals will be recommended for further consideration.

Last Updated: 05/24/2018

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