C. RFP Review Criteria

Applications will be scored based on the following criteria. Total scores will contribute to the discussion on funding recommendations. Application scores will be an important, but not the sole factor, in making decisions. The mix of program types, target populations and geographic distribution will also be taken into account.



Points Available 


Extent to which the proposal is well-planned, clearly states its intended results, is likely to have a positive impact for low income residents, and proposes a specific benefit to the City of Madison.



Extent to which the applicant demonstrates or reports sufficient capacity, experience and/or support to carry out the proposed program or project.



Extent to which the proposal aligns with city, neighborhood or community based planning processes or reports.



Extent to which the proposal demonstrates relevant engagement of residents and community in the proposed project or program.



Extent to which the proposal's planning or implementation reflects collaboration or coordination with appropriate service providers, organizations or resources.



Applicant attended EOP workshop and has not previously been the recipient of CDD funding



Extent to which the proposal presents an adequate and detailed budget and demonstrates strategic planning for any future funding needs.





Total Points available (City staff evaluating proposals will not recommend any proposal that does not score over 35 points.)



Note: Questions on the application correspond to the numbered criteria.

Last Updated: 02/05/2018

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