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F. Contract Requirements

If an organization receives funding in this RFP process there are several contractual requirements  that applicant agencies should be aware of.


Register with DUNS and System Awards Management (SAM)

SAM is a web-based, government-wide application that collects, validates, stores, and disseminates business information about the federal government's trading partners in support of the contract awards, grants, and electronic payment processes.  To register with SAM, you must first have a DUNS number.  A DUNS number is a unique nine-character number used to identify your organization. The federal government uses the DUNS number to track how federal money is allocated.  Registration with SAM is only required if you are seeking federal funds.

Affirmative Action Plans

The City of Madison Development contracts require entities to develop and maintain an approved affirmative action plan. For more information on these requirements please visit the Department of Civil Rights website:


Required Insurance for all Contracts

If funded, applicant agrees to secure insurance coverage in the following areas to the extent required by the City Office of Risk Management:

  • Commercial General Liability

  • Automobile Liability

  • Worker's Comp

  • Property Insurance

The cost of this coverage can be considered in the request for funding. The Certificate of Insurance that will be required at the time of contracting is available on the City of Madison Risk Management website.


Lobbying Registration

Notice regarding lobbying ordinance: If you are seeking approval of a development that has over 40,000 gross square feet of non-residential space, or a residential development of over 10 dwelling units, or if you are seeking assistance from the City with a value of over $10,000 (this includes grants, loans, TIF, or similar assistance), then you likely are subject to Madison's lobbying ordinance, sec. 2.40, MGO. You are required to register and report your lobbying. Please consult the City Clerk for more information. Failure to comply with the lobbying ordinance may result in fines of $1,000 to $5,000. You may register at


Last Updated: 06/12/2020

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