Homeless Services 2017

Request for Proposal Q & A:

Q: Our agency fiscal years do not line up with calendar years. In the budget sections of the application, is it required to provide the calendar year information?

A: No, you may use your agency's fiscal year information. Please note, however, that the City's 2018 funding period will be 1/1/18-12/31/18.  


Q: Program Application Question 8 Demographics. Our agency is currently operating a program but not collecting certain demographic information the application is asking for. How should we fill out the section?

A: Please provide your best estimates.


Q: Program Application Question  8 Demographics. Our agency is applying for a program that is currently operating and using HMIS to track participant demographics data. However, the age breakdown in the application does not match the HMIS Servicepoint report breakdown. How should we respond?

A: Please use the HMIS age breakdown in a way that provides the best estimates for your program. Here is our suggestion:

City Program Application

Servicepoint Breakdown


Enter 0

2 - 5

Use the "age under 5" number

6 - 12

Use the "age 5-12" number

13 - 17

Use the "age 13-17" number

18 - 29

Use the "age 18-24" number

30 - 59

Add the "age 25-34", "age 35-44", "age 45-54", and "age 55-61" numbers

60 - 74

Use the "age 62+" number

75 & UP

Enter 0


Q. I've finished filling out the application, and the Agency Overview is not printing correctly, and the text boxes are shifted.  What should I do?

A.  Please send your completed application to Jennifer at jstoiber@cityofmadison.com.  She will fix formatting and send it right back to you.  Otherwise, submit it as is, and she will fix it when it is submitted.

Last Updated: 09/13/2017

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