Sheltered Campground Operator and Service Provider

Selection of Sheltered Campground Operator and Service Provider for 3202 Dairy Drive


Applications are due to by 3:00pm on October 11, 2021.


In an effort to support vulnerable populations, the City of Madison has taken multiple steps to expand emergency shelter in the last year. Our goals included working with public health and other City departments to mitigate risk and ensure safety at shelters, increasing shelter capacity, lowering barriers for shelter entry and accelerate rehousing. In addition to expanding emergency shelter the City has worked in collaboration with Dane County to ensure that folks at higher risk of COVID-19 are housed in non-congregate places such as the Vulnerable Population Hotels.

Recognizing the need to create alternative shelter opportunities on August 31st the City of Madison’s Common Council approved Mayor’s Emergency Order (Legistar item #67137) authorizing City staff to prepare City owned property for use as a sheltered campground for homeless individuals. The purpose of the attached solicitation is to give interested, qualified not-for-profit organizations the opportunity to inform the City of Madison’s Community Development Division (CDD) of their capacity, interest and plans to partner with the City to operate and provide supportive services at a temporary sheltered campground, on City-owned land, at 3202 Dairy Drive.


The application process will only be open until 3pm Monday October 11th. Under the Emergency Order this application process is expedited with an estimated contract start date of October 22nd.  

Submission Material

Proposers are responsible for reviewing the Sample Contract for Purchase of Services  and the ARPA Federal Exhibit Packtet prior to submission of their proposal. The template contract shall serve as the basis of the contract resulting from this posting and shall become contractual obligations following the award.  By submitting a proposal, proposers affirm their willingness to enter into a contract containing these terms.

Submitted Application
Last Updated: 10/15/2021

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