Step 1: Application Downloads

Please review the following five items. You will need them to complete the application.

1. 2015-2016 CDD Application Workbooks

Application Types

Tabbed Sections Required-fill out yellow areas only. 

Agency Overview

(One workbook per agency)

updated 6/2/14




Complete in this order:

  1. Red tab worksheets
  2. Blue tab worksheets
  • Personnel tab
  • Other Budget tab: all programs/projects in which you are not applying for funding
  • One Program tab for each program for which you are applying

      3.  Green tab worksheet

      4.  Cover Page

Program Applications

(One workbook per program applying for)




  1. Program Standard (1 tab)  updated 5/20/14
  2. Owner Occupied Housing Development (2 tabs)  updated 6/6/14
  3. Rental Housing Development (2 tabs)  updated 6/6/14
  4. Economic Development (2 tabs)  posted 5/15/14

2. 2015-2016 CDD Application Instructions

3. 2015-2016 Community Development Program Goals & Objectives

Last Updated: 06/10/2014

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Application Questions?

If you have questions related to the content of the application, please call your current contract manager, Mary Charnitz (608)267-0742 or Susan Morrison (608)266-1053. Email  questions to Please include general application question in the subject line. On the Q & A section of the site, we will be posting questions and answers that may be generally useful to applicants.


Technical Questions?

If you have questions or concerns that are related to technical aspects of the applications, including difficulties with text boxes or auto fill functions please call Jennifer Stoiber at  (608) 267-1152 or email those questions to Please include technical question in the subject line. On the Q & A section of the site, we will be posting questions and answers which seem to address general technical issues.


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