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Area Plans

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The City has established a Planning Framework to simplify Madison’s area planning and make it more equitable. Over the next decade, 12 Area Plans will be developed to cover the entire city and future growth areas.

The Northeast and West Area Plans are in progress.  Please sign up below for email notifications for current and future planning processes.

  1. Northeast (underway)
  2. West (underway)
  3. Southeast (2024 start)
  4. Southwest (2024 start)
  5. North (early 2026-mid 2027)
  6. Downtown (early 2026-mid 2027)
  7. South (mid 2027-late 2028)
  8. Near West (mid 2027-late 2028)
  9. Near East (2029-2030)
  10. Far West (2029-2030)
  11. Far Northeast (2030-2031)
  12. Far Southeast (2030-2031)
Last Updated: 05/01/2024