Graph showing PV capacity

The City of Madison has installed over 46 solar electric (PV) systems at 39 sites throughout the City since 2008, ranging in size from 2.36 to 480 kW.

As of 2023, the cumulative installed capacity exceeds 1.97 Mega-Watt of capacity, which generates over 2,450,000 Kilo-Watthours of electricity per year.  This roughly 5% of electricity use from City operations.

Our goal is to continue to install systems on City facilities each year and approach 10 Mega-Watts of capacity by 2030.

Building Automation System
Learn about the system the City uses to monitor energy use in its buildings.

Building Envelope, Upgrades
Learn more about the most expensive part of most new building projects and generally the most expensive to repair if it fails.

EV Charging
Keeping our City's electric cars charged is part of our overall energy goals. Find out how many vehicles, plus how we keep them fully charged.

Energy Dashboard
See all the main City Buildings and a live reading of energy use and savings.

GreenPower Program
A program we're proud of in Engineering as leaders of solar education. Trainees learn about solar installation and basic electrical skills in our program. Learn how to apply.

LED Light Conversion
Just a few quick switches of lights can make a huge difference in savings. It's all explained in our LED Light Conversion Program.

Retro Commissioning, Commissioning
We're constantly working to be more efficient. Savings vary depending on the building size, age and location, and the scope of the retro-commissioning process. Learn more here.

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