Types of Streets in Madison

The City of Madison has approximately 807 miles of streets in the City of Madison. The City is committed to providing safe, convenient streets throughout the City.  The City’s streets are classified as Arterial, Collector or Local Streets.

Arterial Street

An Arterial Street is a high-capacity roadway that connect neighborhoods or activity centers to each other or downtown. Typical daily traffic volumes are above 10,000 vehicles per day. 

Arterial example
Arterial Street Example

Collector Street

A Collector Street connects local streets to the Arterial Streets system. Collector streets may provide traffic service to lower intensity developments like schools and parks.  Typical daily traffic volumes are around 1,500 to 10,000 vehicles per day.     

Collector street Segoe Road between Mineral Point and Regent Street
Collector Street Example
Segoe Road between Mineral Point Road and Regent Street

Local Street

Local Streets are low volume streets providing access to directly to homes. Typical daily traffic volumes are less than 1,500

vehicles per day.  

Local Street Example
Local Street Example
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