A terrace is the space of land in between the roadway and a property line. A typical City street may have a terrace anywhere from 5 feet to 20 feet wide. Most terraces include a space for grass lawn, trees and a 5 foot sidewalk. A wide terrace can be an important safety feature in rights of way to help to act as a buffer between the pedestrians on the sidewalk and motorists on the road.

The larger a terrace is, the more species of trees the City can plant on it as well.

The terrace can include many features underground also like sanitary sewer laterals, water laterals and private utilities like gas mains or electric or telephone/fiber lines.


When the City has a road or utility project, the City will restore the terrace with the previous material, concrete or grass. Grass terraces receive 6 inches of topsoil and seed.

Terrace Treatment Policy

The City has established a policy of what types of materials and plantings are permissible in the terrace. View the City's Terrace Treatment Policy. If you are installing items in this policy, you do not need a permit.

Street Terrace Permit

To request items not included in the policy or larger items like driveway, sidewalk, other concrete work or curb and gutter work please apply for a street terrace permit.

Terrace Rain Gardens

City Engineering offers rain gardens in terraces in conjunction with street reconstructions and resurfacing projects, where they are appropriate. Learn more if your terrace is eligible.

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