Service Hours

The hours of service for paratransit closely match Metro's regular fixed-route bus service.

Paratransit service runs approximately 5:30 am to midnight on all weekdays, weekends and *holidays. Hours may vary slightly on Christmas Eve (12/24) and New Year's Eve (12/31).

*All standing rides are canceled on holidays. Riders must call Metro Customer Service at 608-266-4466 to schedule a casual ride to travel on these days.

Service Area

The paratransit service area closely matches regular fixed-route bus service. Generally, if you can get to a location using a fixed-route city bus, you should be able to get there using paratransit. However, there are some exceptions. Please call Metro Customer Service for additional questions.

Enter an address below to see if a location can be served. Make sure both start location and destination are entered. Zoom in on the map for accuracy.

Enter an address or business name.
Enter an address or business name.

Service Area Map Key

  • Full serviceGreen sections have full service. On the map this service area covers the majority of Madison from East to West.
  • Rides starting and ending in Monona not eligible.Purple sections note that rides beginning or ending in Monono not eligible. This service area includes areas south of West Broadway to the Capital Springs State Recreation Area to a short distance west of South Towne Drive.

Click on colored zones for further details.