Paratransit Rules & Expectations

Travel Time

Metro’s paratransit service is a shared-ride transportation service. This means that other passengers may be picked up or dropped off on the way to your destination. This shared-ride service allows Metro to keep costs down and to provide a large number of rides in an efficient manner.

As a shared-ride service, expect the ride to take longer than a direct route ride. The total travel time includes the time it takes to provide rides to all passengers. Paratransit travel time is comparable to trips with the same origin and destination taken on regular fixed-route buses including transfers and wait times.

Pick-up & Drop-Off Procedures

Paratransit riders should allow for a 20-minute pick-up window based on their scheduled pick-up time. This pick-up window is the 20-minute timeframe when the driver is expected to arrive. For example, a ride scheduled for 9 am has a pick-up window of 9 am to 9:20 am.

Be prepared to board the vehicle at any time during the 20-minute window, as the driver only waits five minutes after arrival before the driver leaves and it is considered a no-show. Vehicles arriving any time within the pick-up window is considered on-time.

During pick-up, drivers announce their arrival at the pick-up location, but may not go into a building to find you.

Driver Assistance

A paratransit driver assists riders boarding and exiting the vehicle, but only offers assistance to and from the vehicle (i.e. from the vehicle to the building entrance) when asked. Riders may ask for this door-to-door assistance at the time of the ride, or when scheduling with a customer service agent.

Drivers may not assist passengers up steps. Drivers may carry only one small package with door-to-door service.

Drivers secure wheelchairs and scooters in the vehicle. If you would like assistance with the passenger seat belts or shoulder straps, please ask.

During inclement weather, Metro may take you to an alternate location if your destination is not accessible due to snow or ice. For your safety, transportation may not be provided if snow or ice presents a hazard.

Passenger Safety

Drivers may refuse to assist or transport a passenger if they determine the situation jeopardizes anyone's personal safety. Metro may suspend or refuse service to any individual who willfully:

  • Abuses the policies of Metro
  • Exhibits disregard for their own safety, or that of the driver or of other customers
  • Interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle

Customer Information

Metro paratransit riders must keep their address, telephone numbers, emergency contact information, and mobility device information current with Metro. This important information allows Metro to better address issues that may arise during your use of paratransit service. Email your change of address to or call (608) 266-4466.

Oversized Mobility Devices

Metro will accommodate riders with mobility devices as long as the lift or ramp can accommodate the size and weight of the customer and their mobility device, and the device and customer can fit onto the vehicle. Metro will not be able to accommodate mobility devices if the combined size and/or weight exceed the capabilities of the vehicle equipment. This may affect riders using a mobility device that exceeds:

  • 30” in width – 48” in length
  • Exceeds 600 pounds when occupied
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