Scheduling & Canceling Rides

  • Scheduling & Confirming Rides: (608) 266-4466
  • 24/7 Cancellation Line : (608) 267-1107

How to Schedule Rides

Call Metro Customer Service to book all paratransit rides. Reservations can be booked up to seven days in advance. Next-day ride requests must be placed no later than 4:30 pm the day before you wish to ride. The earlier you can call, the better so we can accommodate your requests. Unfortunately, Metro cannot accommodate same-day requests.

When scheduling rides, begin the call by stating the paratransit client's name clearly. You may be asked to spell the rider's last name. When determining your pick-up time, make sure you include enough time to travel from the drop-off location to the appointment. The agent can assist in determining the best pick-up time for each specific ride based on distance and approximate times.

Once scheduled, the Customer Service agent will provide you with a pick-up window, or a 20-minute timeframe of expected driver arrival time. Be prepared to board the vehicle during this timeframe, as the driver will only wait five minutes after arrival before leaving.

The following key information should be provided when scheduling a ride:

  • Full name
  • Date of the ride
  • Requested pick-up time or appointment time
  • Specific address and phone number for each pick-up and drop-off location
  • Whether you will travel with a guest, PCA, or service animal
  • Any mobility devices needed during the ride
  • Description of any assistance needed

Ride Confirmations

Riders can confirm ride reservations on the day of their ride, if desired. Customer service agents can also verify which transportation company is scheduled for pick-up. This information is helpful to know what vehicle you should be looking for, especially during times of bad weather or high trafficked areas.

Standing Ride Reservations

A one-time, single ride reservation is referred to as a casual ride. Another scheduling option are standing ride reservations which are recurring rides, such as weekday trips to/from work or weekly appointments. Once established, there is no need to call on a daily basis to schedule a ride. If you'd like to set up recurring rides, call customer service and specify that you'd like to set up standing rides.

Please note that all standing ride reservations automatically cancel on holidays. All riders must schedule casual rides to travel on those dates.

Ride Cancellations

Notify Metro at (608) 267-1107 as soon as possible if you need to cancel a ride. Rides must be canceled at least 60 minutes prior to the ride reservation pick-up time to avoid a late cancellation. Late cancellations can lead to potential service suspension under Metro's no-show policy. Cancellation calls can be made 24/7, regardless of customer service hours.

Provide the following information when canceling a ride:

  • Rider's name (please spell the last name)
  • Time and date of the canceled ride
  • One-way or round-trip cancel
  • Phone number of contact person if we have questions about the cancellation
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