Paratransit No-Show Policy

Metro’s paratransit service requires trips to be scheduled in advance, however, riders may sometimes miss their scheduled ride or forget to cancel a ride they no longer need. The reasons for missing a ride may be beyond their control, however, repeatedly missing scheduled trips can lead to a suspension of service.

To ensure that the paratransit service is cost effective, Metro has an established "No-Show Policy."

A no-show occurs when a rider fails to appear to board the vehicle for a scheduled trip.

Cancellation with less than 60 minutes notice, or late cancellation, is also considered a no-show and can lead to service suspension if repeated.

No-Show Notices & Suspensions

Metro monitors ride activity and will notify riders by postcard if they have received a no-show. The postcard lists the ride date, time and location of the missed or late canceled ride. If a rider exceeds the No-Show Limits per Month, they are then subject to the schedule for the Suspension of Service. Limits and suspension schedules are as follows:

No-Show Limits per Month

  • 1 to 14 trips – maximum 2 no-shows per month
  • 15 to 39 trips – maximum 4 no-shows per month
  • 40 to 59 trips – maximum 6 no-shows per month
  • 60 or more trips  – maximum 8 no-shows per month

No-Show Suspension of Service

  • 1st violation – letter of warning
  • 2nd violation – 1-day suspension of service
  • 3rd violation – 7-day suspension of service
  • All subsequent violations – 7-day suspension of service

A record of no-show violations will be kept only for a six-month period of time. This ensures that someone with a no-show problem in January, will not be unduly punished in August unless the problem persists.

Paratransit No-Show Appeals

If you feel that you received a no-show in error, you are able to file an appeal online.

*Written appeals can also be sent to:

Metro Transit
Attn: No-Show Appeal
1245 E. Washington Ave. Ste. 201
Madison, WI 53703

*Make sure to include the time, date, the pick-up address of the no-showed ride you are appealing, and the reason for appeal - i.e. a health-related reason, vehicle arrived outside of pick-up window time, etc.

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