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More than any other time, Metro Transit has recently demonstrated its vital importance to the community by providing continued, uninterrupted essential service to jobs, medical appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores and more during the outbreak of Covid-19.

As people begin to return to schools, employment centers, and public life, Metro will be instrumental in improving workforce transportation, reducing congestion and serving as the backbone of a new vibrant regional economy.

With federal and state funding remaining flat over the past 20 years, Metro has struggled with an aging infrastructure, lack of modern clean-air vehicles, and a route network that is no longer able to serve the region’s needs.

gridlock trafficThe Region is Readying Again to Move FORWARD>>

The Madison region continues to grow rapidly. It has consistently ranked in top tiers for being a dynamic, safe place to live—attracting talent, businesses and new residents. Growth is evident in many ways from the booming housing development to the changing downtown skyline.

If growth resumes at its previous pace, by the year 2050, we expect 85,000 new jobs and 100,000 new residents in Dane County. This translates into 800,000 new road trips to work, school and play. Without action, the resulting gridlock will more than double travel times for everyone on the road.

If single-occupancy automobiles made up all of these additional trips, it would require adding two or more lanes to our main Isthmus roadways and doubling parking in the downtown area. Parking costs alone would be expected to equal more than $250 million.

bus downtownSo, What Do We Do? We Invest In What Works

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 and despite funding challenges, Metro provided 57,000 rides per weekday and 13 million rides per year across our region, which includes Madison, Middleton, Fitchburg, Verona, Sun Prairie, the Village of Shorewood Hills and the Town of Madison.

During Covid-19, Metro also provided continuous dependable transportation to healthcare workers and other essential employees.

To support our regional growth, recruit and retain strong business and talent, protect our environment, and ensure a great quality of life for all residents, we must invest in this success.

MetroForward>> Proposes an Approach to Improve Access and Reduce Travel Times: