Fire Station 4

Located across the street from Camp Randall Stadium on the UW campus, the crews at Station 4 justifiably claim their identity as Bucky's House.

The station was built in 1982.

It's staffed daily with four firefighters and two firefighter/paramedics who work 24-hour shifts.


  • Engine 4 – a 2013 Pierce Quantum Engine with a 1250 gallons-per-minute fire pump and 500-gallon water tank along with ground ladders, fire hose, and tools. In addition, Engine 4 carries emergency medical equipment including a defibrillator, oxygen, and immobilization gear.
  • Medic 4 – a 2014 Ford E450 Advanced Life Support-level ambulance
  • Medic 64 – a 2008 Ford E450 ALS ambulance. This is a reserve ambulance for the City.


  • 1 Lieutenant, station Officer
  • 1 Apparatus Engineer (driver) operating the engine
  • 2 Firefighters staffing the engine
  • 2 Paramedics staffing the ambulance

Station 4 logoMany stations develop a specific identity over time and carry that through with logos that members of the crew display with pride. With permission from the University of Wisconsin, Engine #4 sports images of Bucky Badger and UW-Madison flags, and Bucky takes center stage on the station logo. The crews unofficial motto: "First due to the U."

Station Four's News