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Brayton Lot (Block 113)

Welcome to the Brayton Lot (Block 113) redevelopment page. Here you will find information regarding previous planning efforts, public meetings, and more.  Please visit regularly as new resources will be added as they are available.

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What's New

The City of Madison is beginning the process to find development partners to redevelop the former Block 113 - Brayton Parking Lot located in Madison's Downtown. This survey aims to understand the community's priorities for redevelopment as the City moves forward to prepare a "Request for Proposals" from potential private development partners.

Block 113 Redevelopment Update

August 22, 2023 Brayton Lot-Block 113 In-person Meeting
Participant Questionnaire Responses

Brayton Lot (Block 113) FAQ

View the August 22, 2023 Public Meeting Presentation.

Project Background

The Brayton Lot, also known as Block 113, is a two-acre surface parking lot situated three blocks from Capitol Square along East Washington Avenue in the First Settlement neighborhood.  The future of this site has been addressed in multiple City adopted plans over nearly 30 years.  These plans have been consistent in their vision for the scale and massing of future buildings and several policy and regulatory measures have been put in place to realize that future.


Brayton Lot

Now, the community has an unique opportunity to implement those plans.  The City is in the process of establishing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that is being paid for with a mix of Federal and City funds.  A portion of the City’s share is coming from the use of some City-owned land – including the Brayton Lot – for the temporary, short-term use as a construction staging area.  Once it is no longer needed for that purpose, the site will be made available for redevelopment.  The funding agreement with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), requires the City to redevelop the site in a transit supportive manner.

The City is now moving forward with planning for this redevelopment and the implementation of long-standing plans.  It is anticipated that a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a development partner will be issued later in 2023.  Once that partner is selected and approved by the Common Council, the proposed development will go through the normal City entitlement process.  This will include review by City boards, commissions and committees and Common Council as appropriate.

Site Facts

  • Owner:  City of Madison
  • Size:  2 acres  (87,120 sq. ft.)
  • Street Frontages:
  • -East Washington Ave. & East Main St.: 264 feet
  • -South Butler St. & South Handcock St.: 330 feet

Existing Plans

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The neighborhood, City, and larger community have been planning for the redevelopment of the Brayton Lot since the mid-1990s.  Below is a list of these plans along with a link to the documents. 

  1. First Settlement Neighborhood Master Plan (accepted 1995)
  2. Brayton Lot Framework (accepted 2001)
  3. Downtown Plan (adopted 2012)
  4. Comprehensive Plan (adopted 2018
  • Part 1 - Introduction, Growth Framework, Land Use & Transportation
  • Part 2 - Neighborhoods & Housing, Economy & Opportunity, Culture & Character, Green & Resilient, and Effective Government
  • Part 3 - Appendices
Last Updated: 10/20/2023

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Project Contacts

Bill Fruhling, Planning Division
Rebecca Cnare, Planning Division
Dan Rolfs, Economic Development Division